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Ron Thiel: Master Engineer & Developer

This is our master train developer and builder. He was also instrumental in the development of Kid Corral and numerous other projects. During his spare time he works with and trains wild Mustangs. We will post a link to the video soon.

Randy Sabin: Terry Town Cowboy

Randy spent most of his younger years as a professional bull rider. Now that he’s a little older and maybe just a little wiser, he tries to take it a little easier. He spends his days making sure all the animals are fed, then kicks it up dancing during the evening.

Scotty Newbury: Bar Manager

Good old Scotty has been with us for so long that nobody knows quite how long he’s been with us. He started sometime in the late 1800’s (actually 1900’s but who’s keeping track). We pretend that he’s part of the furniture. We move him around to where he looks the best.

Elizabeth Bishop: Trading Post

Let’s see, Liz has been with us since she was 16 and she is now 25, so that’s what? 50 years? Lol. She has been a great person in regards to keeping all the new staff members up to date in the training process so keep up the good work.

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