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Between the Sunday Lunch Train, Bison Meats, Special Events like Dance in the Buff, the Dirty Dan Magee Burger or Steak Fry designed for the Motor Coach Industry, we here at Terry Bison Ranch try to offer every group something fun. Let our family take care of your family.

  • Ribeye: $20.95 lb
  • Sirloin: $16.95 lb
  • New York: $19.95 lb
  • Short Rib: $9.95 lb
  • Brats: $11.95 lb
  • Ground: $9.95 lb
  • Jerky Package: $5.99
  • Stew Meat: $9.95 lb

Dirty Dan Magee Steak or Burger Fry & Bison Herd Tour

This is our most popular package for groups who want a meal & a tour to see our Bison. A minimum guarantee count of at least 15 is needed. After you arrive at the Ranch, you will depart on a fully narrated 50 minute TRX tour aboard 1 of our custom built Trains that will take you from Wyoming into Colorado and back to see our Bison herd. This is a wonderful photo opportunity for you & your group. Along the way, your group will hear about the history of the Terry Ranch while also seeing other animals like Camels, Ostriches, and an array of others. After your tour, your group will go to the Senators Restaurant and enjoy 1 of the following meals:

Dirty Dan Magee’s Steak Fry
Grilled Beef Ribeye and Grilled Chicken Breast
Served with the following:
Corn on the Cob
Ranch Baked Beans
The Ranch’s Creamy Coleslaw
Cornbread with Butter & Honey
Chef’s choice of Dessert
Coffee, Iced Tea & Iced Water
$38.00 per person inclusive
Price includes: meal, tour, all applicable taxes, gratuity and fees.
Substitute Bison Ribeye for only $10.00 additional per person

Dirty Dan’s Burger Fry
Dirty Dan Magee’s Burger Fry

Grilled Burger Platter
With your choice of:
Beef or Bison Burgers
Served with the following:
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, & Cheese
Ranch Baked Beans
The Ranch’s Creamy Coleslaw
Buffalo Chipped Cookies
Coffee, Iced Tea & Iced Water
$28.00 per person inclusive
Price includes: meal, tour, all applicable taxes, gratuity and fe

The Tombstone Cafe at the Depot

The Tombstone Cafe is open June July and August from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Breakfast items include Nichelle’s Homemade Biscuits and Gravy, French Toast, Omletts, and Breakfast Burritos. We also serve sweet treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and to cool you off on those hot summer days. These include Smoothies, with more to come.

We are sad to say that our great majestic Bison Bull “Tinker Bell” has passed away of old age. He had lived to the ripe ole age of 35 years. Tinker was born in 1975 in North Dakota and was a Champion Bull within the North Dakota Bison Association. Ron Thiel purchased Tinker in 1986 to become the breeding bull for the Terry Bison Ranch. He has been seen by thousands upon thousands of visitors from all over the world. Visitors were marveled by his magnificent size of over 2250 pounds. Countless photos have been taken of him during his 31 years of breeding, and we estimate that he has produced over 1200 calves during his time as a breeder. Tinker had a pretty good life for being a Bison Bull as he relished in all of the attention that he received from all the different people whom came to see him especially after doing a role in Dances with Wolves. He has been tremendously missed by all of our returning guest and staff whom have taken good care of him throughout the years. This is the type of animal that will never be replaced as the “Grand Daddy of a Bull” that he always was.

Above is a picture of the Memorial that was built over his burial site so that all our guest can still visit him. You can view his Memorial on the daily Train tours.

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